“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” ― John Bunyan

Everything you read on this site that was written by me is the TRUTH and nothing but - In a life lived with so many chapters, I wanted to document how I coped and how I made it possible to stay strong (mostly) and continue LIVING and not let the mishaps of life define me as much as I could control. I dedicate these stories, experiences and hopes to my children - Bradley ~ Sydney & Halle. These three ducks have given me a purpose to live, to fight, to love, to forgive, to see good in every day and mostly to never give up, to believe in myself even when I didn’t. I hope that from generation to generation (L’ dor V’ dor) they will share Our life stories. I also write for those who might catch a glimmer of hope as I document a well-lived, sometimes hard life, and still managed to be strong (mostly) even in the darkest times without ever giving up HOPE. Believe me, I felt alone when I started these crazy times ~ You are not alone. There is always someone to listen. And without further ado - Life is like a box of chocolates and I got CHOCOLATE MUSH!

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