The book was finally published in December of 2016. In mid January of 2017 I gifted the very first hard copy of the book that Bradley wrote and published. It's called "ADDING ADDICTION" which can be purchased on I always knew that Bradley was an old soul and was also told so by an Orthodox Rabbi. We already know, he's been around!

The night before I was scheduled to go into a very extensive long surgery on the lining of my Brain, Bradley arrived a few short hours before the time we needed to leave for the Cleveland Clinic (which will be told in another entry)

He arrived with Mac and book in hand. He presented the book to me and also autographed it. This is what he wrote -

" Mom, I can't think of anyone else that deserves the first copy of this book more than you. You tell me, along with the world, that I am your hero but every hero needs an inspiration. I went against your morals at the beginning of my adulthood but it shows in this book that your morals were restored. You've provided for me, loved me, and have given me a foundation to live a life of abundance. For that, I promise you, it will be returned. Thank you for being my supporter, my crutch, my mom, my inspiration, and MY HERO. I love you so much! Love Bradley".

The drawing added to protect his signature!

I'm most certainly sure that I don't have to tell you how the tears just dripped down my cheeks and seemed to never stop. My only HOPE was to make it through this very scary surgery (scariest EVER) so I could read his book from cover to cover. Thankfully that happened and how proud I was/am to be blessed with my "TRUE LIFE HERO" and how he became that, I will most definitely share in another entry, very soon.

Adding Addiction was written by the addict, for the addict. It tells the story from his loss of innocence to the day he nearly died and his healing and pathway to recovery. I've lost count of all of the people who have been helped just by reading his experience on his journey. He has also donated countless books, has received countless emails from total strangers, and has also done live talks and presentations at colleges and other venues. If you know someone who might benefit from reading this book, please personally email me or leave your contact information and I will get in touch with you. Until then, STAY SAFE and STAY HEALTHY!

All My Love~M