I thought it would be a good idea to show you my supplies and describe to you what my Hizentra infusion might look like. If you have currently been dx, and are starting to infuse SCIG, Please make sure you note that I am not a Doctor, I am a patient who has been doing these infusions now for 13 years. Always follow the advice from your physician. I hope in some small way, this may help you along your path of SCIG replacement therapy or if you are contemplating switching from IVIG to SCIG you can see exactly what it might entail for you. Every zebra is different so follow your own Immunologists recommendation.

What I like best about SCIG therapy is that I can do it anywhere as it is extremely portable. I can watch a movie, browse the internet, blog, I'm free to move around and continue living my life.  I have even traveled with my supplies and I am able to do it during vacation (I'm known to take long ones.) It became part of me and I could not let it get in the way of living life. Last night I completed yet another infusion. I thought it would be helpful to explain in detail and show you in pictures what SCIG looks like for me.

To complete an infusion you must set up a clean and sterile area for your supplies. Below is my set up and pictures of my different supplies.

(4) 60 ML Syringes - 50mg Benadryl (pre-med) - and my favorite Zebra
Freedom Pump - Hizentra Vials -8 per infusion - (1)2400 tubing
(4)Spikes per infusion - more alcohol swabs
6 leads with needs that go into my skin to infuse -These leads attach to the 2400 tubing
This picture is a vial of Hizentra - The removable sticker starts at the arrow. You are able to remove and place the sticker in a log for future reference if need be. You will be able to keep track of the lot numbers that you are infusing. As previously said, I'm bad at logging. I did for many years and never used the logs so now I am lazy about it. It's a good idea to always do it.

As I begin my SCIG, I always use my hand solution to wash well. I also spray my hands with rubbing alcohol. Firstly, I take my Pre-meds and have my Epi-Pen close by - I take my Benadryl  (50mg) l and also take some Tylenol so I can stop any type of allergic reaction and ward off any headaches or fever. Next, I start preparing my first syringe. What I like to do is load one up and start my infusion and then load the other (3) syringes. It makes the time pass and the infusion doesn't seem as long. To start my SCIG - I first flip the caps of 2 of the vials. I take 2 separate alcohol swabs and clean of the rubber where the spike is inserted on the vial. One swab for each vial. 2 vials per syringe. I then attach the spike to the end of the syringe. They screw on. I then pull the syringe and it begins to load with the suction made by pulling. Once the vial is empty, I do the same to the next. Now I have 40ml in my 60ml syringe and will prepare for my infusion. I remove the spike and I take my 2400 tubing and I attach it to my syringe. The spike should then be discarded in a sharps container. I can then open my 6 leads and attach it to the end of the other side of the 2400 tubing. Then I must prime the syringe so that there is no air in the lines. To do this, you can turn your syringe over on a hard surface such as a desk or table. You push down hard and you will see the Hizentra start flowing through the tubing. Once you see that it is at the end of the tubing or on your sterile drape, it is now ready to be place into the winding freedom pump. I have the choice to infuse in my upper thighs, my belly, or my upper arms. I choose the belly -I've even asked if I could infuse in my Tata's since they are not very big LOL (always have to have humor) THIS SH*T AIN'T FUN!!! I have infused in my thigh as well but I have never tried the arms. Now, its time to prepare my skin and clean it thoroughly so that I can place the needles under my skin. I use plenty of alcohol swabs until they wipe clean and I know there is no dirt around. The leads have a butterfly insert of needles. I hold the edges together and place the needle in my skin. I place them approximately 2 inches apart or so and once all 6 are placed, I am ready to go. I place the syringe in the pump and then start it. The pump is a spring/pressure type of pump. And now without further ado - TA-DAH!!!! My SCIG infusion is ready to replete.

I hope that you found this helpful if you are just starting out or if you know me personally and are in my life and haven't had the most fabulous chance of watching me infuse like many of you have in-person.  You now know what I do to help my faulty stinkin' immune system stay healthier to fight off infection. It takes THOUSANDS of other peoples antibodies to make this SCIG Therapy. This is why it is most imperative that people continue to donate their plasma. Without it, It would be a very scary time. If you are able, Please donate - It saves lives! If you would like to know how to, please send a message to my email or fill out the contact form on this site.