Always search for information from reliable sources. The following information was discussed on where you can learn a wealth of knowledge not only about Primary Immune Deficiency (PID) - not Pelvic Inflammatory Disease but also COVID-19 and what is means for our Herd. Your own personal Immunologist or Medical Doctor is the only medical advice that you should act on. The knowledge elsewhere as long as it's reliable you can learn tons of information. Each case is different. Don't always believe everything you read!

For My Fellow Zeebs

This is from Merriam Webster's Dictionary Entry

Definition of convalescent serum

: serum obtained from one who has recovered from an infectious disease and considered to be especially rich in antibodies against the infectious agent of the disease.

This is a pretty familiar and close to the heart to many of us with PID. Whether you are doing subQ infusions at home as I am or you are going to a facility or doing home IVIG. People with PID are depleted of certain antibodies and the treatments mentioned above are made of thousands of peoples antibodies which are found in human plasma. At the time of my dx with CVID I was low in IgG, IgM and IgA. Although at this time there is no way to boost through current treatments IgA and IgM, somehow benefits from IGg's help to keep Zeebs feeling better. I have currently been on Hizentra since it's inception and prior to that I did Vivaglobin. I have been on replacement therapy since 2007. So thankfully IgG's are replenish-able.

How is Convalescent Serum hopefully going to show promise in the acutely ill with COVID -19? As patients recover from the virus, and are able to donate serum plasma. The patient will make  antibodies which will make an immunity for the virus. I am trying to explain in laymen terms so that everyone can possibly understand if need be. Once a patient has recovered from the virus and 14 days have passed with a negative COVID-19 swab test -they can then volunteer to donate their serum or I also heard that once 28 days have passed without symptoms they are also able to donate. Once the antibodies go through a very extensive cleansing process, it can then be infused into the acute patient. The hopes are that while the acute patient is extremely ill, the antibodies will help shorten the duration and  of the course the illness is taking which could be life saving. It has been used for over 100 years and I'm pretty sure it was also used in the Spanish Flu of 1918.

Zebra's receive IgG replacement therapy some monthly, weekly, bi-weekly and even with a daily push. What this therapy does is boost the immunity so that we are able to fight off infections. We are infusing other people antibodies as our own faulty immune systems is unable to do so.

As these studies continue for COVID-19 and clinical data is collected, I can only choose HOPE that this will be a breakthrough in the war we are fighting and for our future epidemics or pandemics should they happen.

The best news in regards to CVID patients that I learned in a video watched on is that we have the same risk as the healthiest of people walking around at contracting the virus. This is fabulous to know as I have read on many support pages through the internet that some people with CVID think and talk about they are at high risk and will die if they contract it. None the less, we still need to be very careful and protect ourselves. Unless you're told by your own Immunologist or Medical Dr. you can't always believe what you read or hear.

It is most important to remember the best advice comes from your own medical team. Cases can and will differ.

In my last conversation with my Immunologist at the beginning of the stay at home order, he advised me to stay home for at least 2 months. He did mention that I was not at an increased risk for getting the illness however, if I did contract there was a high probability of hospitalization. SO FAR SO GOOD. Stay Home, Flatten the Curve, continue therapy and live #ZEBRASTRONG

All My Love~M