April 23, Danny's Birthday! Forever 49 my sweet cousin. Wishing you a most Happiest Heavenly Birthday today! Keep visiting me in my dreams, Keep watching over us,

Today SHOULD have been his 54th birthday! Life is not always favorable but we must continue moving forward and rolling with the punches. Danny was best known as a teen at his expertise with Nunchucks and being a drummer. He had a love for music and even was part of a band up until his death - Why that came to mind right now? I haven't a clue. Memories, they stay plastered to the heart forever. Wherever you fly today  please know that we are all thinking of you as always. Love you Jackie! As long as I breathe, you will be remembered.

If you know someone showing such sadness, pain, and no way out, especially during these times of uncharted territories ~ please, in blessed memory of  share below.


If you know anyone in need of support due to anything I am writing about - diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy, living as a motherless daughter, feeling alone, no one understanding their path, death, loss, suicide, please send them to my direct email at achocolatemush@gmail.com and also my blog site at chocolatemush.com - I know what it feels like to be alone, and I also know the tools to get through these times being alone. As my site continues to flourish with my own life experiences, I will start to write about my coping skills learned in the chapters. Life is an ongoing lesson, I learn something new every day.


IN THE WORDS OF MY BELOVED - "Make Today Count."

Danny J. Paige 4 1/2 years old