This is no April Fools Joke 2020 (the day I started to document my life online)

Let's start from the very beginning. Some of you have been in my life throughout every chapter and some have joined in along the multiple chapters I’ve lived. The almost 52 years I’ve been sharing my life with those I love most. I hope that one small entry I write can help someone in the time of need. With the help of my true life hero, my son, my numero uno duck, here I am starting a blog so that I can spread kindness and experience with those who might need it. So I can write everything down for the future generations to come. Everything written will be the whole truth and nothing but. I can’t make this shit up.

Along the roads I’ve traveled, I have experienced some extremely excellent times, some grand, some great, some good, some not so good, some bad, some dark and some places I wish no one ever had to go. It is in those darkest times and moments that being alone can only impair and halt your returning to lightness. It’s not fun feeling alone in this world, in fact it fucking sucks when you feel as if you are. If you have read this far and decide to keep up with my journaling, I hope in some small way that you can learn from my experiences and pay it forward one day to someone in need or let them know about my Chocolate Mush.

My love to all ~M