L’dor V’dor - from generation to generation.

Truly, you have to know by now that I am a very proud Yiddisha Mama. I was born into this tribe. My maternal grandparents (Millie and Sam) who were devoted to Judaism, and the fact that my Zada (my great grandfather) was completely dedicated and tied to “Palestine” now Israel and worked countless hours raising money for the Jewish National Fund - what choice did I have? Let’s explain some of this Jewishness that I’m referring to. Let’s go back to the beginning of my memories of stories told and documented that my late most beautiful grandmother would teach me about. Out of the 4 grandchildren Howard, Dina, Danny and Michelle (that’s me) the youngest - Howard and I were the most dedicated to learning about our descendants, closest to the grandparents and to each other as 1st cousins. I would say, Howard and I were closely connected- especially with our intuition. So Welcome to the L’CHAIM page where we can celebrate LIFE - L’CHAIM in Hebrew means - TO LIFE! If you are not Jewish, now you know a little Hebrew :-) Not to worry, I'll teach you some bad words later on!!!!

All My Love~ M