Wishes for my three ducks, never lose hope, every day you live choose kindness, be mindful, be gentle to yourself and know your self worth always. Always remember that to take care of anyone you love ~ you must first take care of yourself. If you don’t take care of yourself first ~ you won’t be able to take care of anyone (this is why Triage starts with you) Your Mom (that's me) has realized that I am taking care of myself the best I can, so that I can be here for you. The three of you have taught me more in my life than I ever thought possible and I hope one day, your children do the same for you. You are my best gifts, my blessings and the purpose of my life. You are the reason I'm MAMA DUKES! Even though you think I’m CRAZY AF at times ~ The three of you should always know as you go through life, that I love you with my entire heart, my soul and will always be a part of you as we are forever bonded. May the moments and the memories we’ve shared always bring smiles to your faces… some laugh out loud and some deep belly laughs. Even during this time of uncertainty as we wait out the storm ahead (CORONAVIRUS - COVID-19) we still can make priceless memories. Together you have made my life full of WEALTH! I will forever choose to Live Laugh and Love each and everyday ~ My life has been exactly like A Box Of Chocolates with a little bit or A LOT of chocolate mush on top.

With all my love forever ~ Yo Mama AKA Mama Dukes AKA Mama Duck AKA Mother AKA Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom AKA Mommy AKA Momma