Bradley's Tattoo 05-12-2012 After his Overdose. Picture above is about his book.

when we arrived at the hotel I checked in and we went up the stairs to the next floor to the room we were staying in. I was room 107 (meaning?) yes! My mother passed away on January 7.  The room was almost like a suite. It had two rooms, a bedroom, and a sitting room. This would be brads first night sleeping in a bed without being hooked up to all kinds of machinery and I know he needed a good nights sleep. We laid down together and talks about the future, talked about what happened, talked about the overdose, talked about everything under the sky. He was going to take a shower and after we just kind of laid in bed and rested.  I hadn’t slept in a bed either for several days. During our talk Bradley said mom, what do you call Halle Sydney and me?  I said my ducks why? He goes mom, look on the wall. Hanging on the wall was a picture/ painting of three ducks. I don’t know if I ever shared with most why I refer to my children as my three ducks. If I have then you can skip this part but if not, now you will. 

When Bradley was born before you could even walk, my father bought him a set of three wooden ducks that were attached together with a pull string. That string would allow him to take the ducks for a walk. Since then, I have always thought about those ducks and once Halle was born, that is when it started. 

Ironic? Coincidental? I don’t believe in coincidences and I believe everything happens for a reason. Bradley and I continued our talk and kind of forgot about the three ducks on the wall.  We were hungry and went to pick up some dinner. When we came back we had a seat in the sitting room and I glanced over at the picture hanging on the other side of the ducks. It was a picture of five butterflies. My father, who used to call me his Mariposa which is a butterfly in Spanish came to mind. I believe that each of the (5) represented each other. One was my dad, myself, Bradley, Sydney, and Halle. As I think about the Overdose, The lady at Walmart, the three ducks painting, and the five butterflies, it’s beginning to feel more like this definitely was supposed to happen. When we were ready to check out of the hotel I asked the front desk if all of the rooms were decorated with the same paintings and her reply was that they weren’t - each room is different. It was now time to say bye to Bradley, he asked me for a gym membership which I absolutely gave him and he and I hugged tightly and I was off to the airport and he was off on a 6 Hour Dr. back to Chesapeake. I can only thank my heavens, my spirituality, and the fact that a few of us in our family especially, Sydney and I are quite gifted.  Most of all, I celebrate my hero's recovery from his deathbed back to life - his second chance - the miracle of his recovery from such a deathly overdose and the pain I felt this past week. It truly seemed like a cureall for all of my loss that I've endured along my many paths. I was blessed 

Second chance, without a doubt. So after returning home I was looking through some photos that I came across on a descendants page that I belonged to. The picture that I’m referring to is below and that is a descendent of mine who lived long before Bradley. I believe it was a cousin to my father but not like a first cousin. I’m pretty sure someone had mentioned that he lived in Russia and would go to Germany for some type of treatment. Bradley took AP German in high school. I know he died many years before Bradley even lived. In 2011 My cousin Kenny took some beautiful family photos of us in the picture below is that of Halle being held by her big brother Brad. When I look at this picture of Bradley and I look at the picture of the descendants I can’t help but see the unbelievable resemblance. It was so eerie for me that I knew it had something to do with what had occurred. Call me bad shit crazy, I’m OK with it.  My father was a heroin addict in his time so why wouldn’t he be there for Bradley during his overdose?

Everything was starting to come together for me. It wouldn’t be until after the Jewish holidays of 2012 that I would learn the truth in all of it. I was invited to a medium reading in a group of women who were getting together from the temple. I went and believe it or not the medium all of a sudden said there’s a man coming through, he loves the outdoors, he loves hunting, he loves guns, he loves fishing, he loves boating, he loves you, I said that could be my father, it sounds like him. She looked me in the eye and insisted he knew what happened in April - he knows what happened in April he was there he knows what happened. She also said he wanted to call me 110% which is something between my father and I. What he meant by that is that some people give 100% to whatever they do and my father felt that I gave 110%. As the medium continued to speak, my mother came through, she told me my parents weren't married anymore in heaven and that they weren’t together which I could completely except and validate. She said my mother loved going to Baskin-Robbins and having ice cream with me which happens to be something we did weekly. The medium explains to me how much they loved me and that they were good. The confirmation of my dad knowing what happened in April only gave me more confirmation that this was supposed to be. And with that, it is then I knew that his story would be told - He would go onto write a book about his experience and guess what, HE DID!!! As a matter of fact, it came up as a Facebook memory for me which you can see below... All My Love~M

Benjamin Israel

Bradley and Halle in 2011