Have you ever sat and looked up into the sky and saw the formations of dark clouds with the some blue sky and the bright shining sun as it slowly sets on the horizon? I sure have!! For me, it's absolutely one of my favorite things to experience. It's a ride I can go on each and every day and still go back for more. It's something I wish would last longer - kind of like a ride at Disneyland.

Lake Erie Sunset May 3, 2020

I’d have to say that I’ve been watching sunsets since I was a small child. My father was an avid fisherman and loved the fact I loved to fish as long as I didn't have to place the live bait on the hook. He would take me out on his boat excursions and not only did I love the water, but I also loved to fish with him and not to go back to shore until the sun would start to set. So basically, from when I was a little girl up until now as an old little girl, sunsets have always been a place for me to find peace and calmness, to reflect, to think about memories, to think about dreams and goals, to think how I can become a better mom, a better friend, and a better person. I think about kindness and love. Sometimes I sit there and think about all the love in my heart, my children, and how proud of them I am.

Lake Erie Sunset- May 3, 2020

When sitting and watching the marvelous act of our universe, I think about how I can love my ducks as much as I do and still be frustrated at times. I've also just sat watching the sunset wishing I could fly right into the sunset and never leave. Wishing it could be my hiding place. The sunset for me means there’s hope for tomorrow. With every sunset, there will be a sunrise and with every sunrise there will be a sunset. How can one not hope that tomorrow will be a better day than today?

Since moving to North East Ohio 5 1/2 years ago, and living super close to the Lake Erie shoreline, I positively love to head down to the waterfront and watch my day end with as much mindfulness and hope as possible. Even in the worst of times life is so worth living especially when you take the time to stop and breathe in the goodness & the positive and exhale the bad & the negative. To let go of your fears, to shed your tears, and to think of your hopes and your dreams. This is what I try to accomplish by going to watch the sunset as the day ends. It's a very peaceful time for me to meditate and relax. To hear the sound of the water, the wind, and to watch the beautiful sunset and the fabulous show of colors that mother earth delivers. It's always different and It's always spectacular for me. As the sun sets below the horizon and the afterglow appears, I think of all those I love in my "City Of Angels" Los Angeles, California and those I love in "Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, The City Of Lights" and I say to the sunset, give them a show just as you have done for me.

May 2, 2020 As for me, I'll forever be an Opacarophile for life as it fills my heart with peace, hope, and comfort. I hope when you watch the sunset, it brings you peace and hope as well!

What's NOT to LOVE?

"As for me, Michelle Lynn Ostroff,  I will be an Opacarophile for life as it fills my heart with so so many attributes that make me who I am." I hope when you watch the sunset, it brings you so much HOPE for tomorrow and fills your heart with love, mindfulness, peace, and calmness. I hope you get to share those sunsets with those you love. I certainly do!!